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Afterschool Academy

Afterschool Academy is scheduled from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm each day Columbia Public Schools is in session; we start at noon on early dismissal days. The program is located at 310 Tiger Lane and is offered free of charge. Afternoon snack and an evening meal is provided each day; lunch is optional on early dismissal days.

It is an academic-enrichment program that balances an emphasis on the attainment and retention of reading and math skills with cultural and recreational activities.

One of the Afterschool Academy's unique features is the SETCLAE curriculum that is based on the premise that youth who develop confidence in themselves are motivated to strive for academic success. SETCLAE stands for Self-Esteem Through Culture Leads to Academic Excellence.

Staffing: the program is staffed by classroom aides and certified teachers who provide homework help and reading and math instruction. Student mentors from the Service Learning Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia  provide one-on-one attention that makes the program effective and keeps the interest of the Fun City Youth Academy students.

The program dovetails with the Summer Academy, which has the same purpose - to retain and enhance the academic skills of disadvantaged children, who research says, lose an average of two months in academic attainment over the summer break and who benefit from individual assistance through reading instruction year-round.


Summer Academy

Summer Academy will be held at Blue Ridge Elementary in partnership with Columbia Public Schools. Programming will take place May 30th to July 26th from 8:20am to 4:00pm (no programming on June 19th, July 4th or 5th). This builds on the many years that FCYA has provided a daily 8-week program over the summer break.

The Summer Academy starts at 8:00am with breakfast and goes through 4:30pm with dismissal. It will be located at Blue Ridge Elementary School (3700 Woodland Drive).

Columbia Public Schools' Summer SUNsations curricula will be taught during the morning session, from 8:20am to 11:50am. After lunch and recess, children will participate in the Fun City Youth Academy Summer program until dismissal starts around 4pm. The students participate in educational, cultural and social enriched programs consisting of learning activities in a variety of subjects, physical exercise (to channel that youthful energy), field trips and fun.

The primary goal of the Fun City Summer Academy is to combat "summer fade" by helping students retain the skill levels they attained during the school year. Prevalent among underprivileged children, students can lose 2 to 3 months of reading and math skills during the summer break unless engaged in stimulating activities. Literacy is the focus and is incorporated into most lessons throughout the day.

Additionally, students receive a nutritious breakfast, lunch, snack and have a safe, individualized, structured, fun and affirming place to go on a daily basis. Many working parents with low incomes use the summer school as dependable childcare service. Some children would be left home alone if they did not attend FCYA Summer Academy.

The Summer curriculum is not only designed to combat Summer fade, but to increase positive self-image, self-esteem, confidence, academic achievement and social and life skills. The curriculum combines academics with cultural, character-building and youth development activities to engage the students in building skills that will directly benefit their school performance. Therefore, FCYA students are encouraged to be creative and 'adventurous' while engaging in FUN reading, science and math activities. At the same time, FCYA is very aware that no set of activities will succeed unless the students enjoy their time. The introduction of the Hands-On Minds-On method of instruction facilitates use of various learning styles to accommodate the students' styles. It is widely used now to increase cognitive thinking and increase student engagement. Also, attentive adults encouraging student choice within the activities keeps student interest up. FCYA Summer kids also have opportunities to expand their world, enrich their ethnic identity, meet successful, caring adults, make friends with other youth and give back to the community through community service projects.

Dates: May 30th to July 26, 2024 
Monday through Friday (No school on June 19th, July 4th or 5th)
Time: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm
Location: Blue Ridge Elementary School
Grades: 1 through 5 (at 2024 Fall Enrollment)
Enrollment Begins: February 1, 2024 
Please Note: Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis

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